About  This  Site

     We are a group of non-denominational Bible believing Christians who are dedicated to the spreading of the full gospel message of salvation in Jesus Christ, and to the promulgation of Bible truth to all who will listen.  We have experienced first-hand the results of believing that a denomination is God's true church, and that you must remain a member in good standing in that denomination in order to obtain salvation.
     Under such a belief, we have seen corruption and wickedness grow and increase within the denomination.  We have witnessed biblical truths being exchanged for erroneous doctrines, our fellow brothers and sisters submitting to the bondage of men, and have anxiously listened for the gospel message of freedom in Christ Jesus our Saviour to be preached, but in vain.  Yet we saw that our fellow church members were not alarmed at all!  This was because of the belief that their denomination was the true church of God and He would save them from within it, even though it was in blatant apostasy against Him!
     Needless to say, these things troubled us greatly, and forced us to earnestly pray to God for a knowledge of His will, and to dig deeply into the Bible to see if this belief was really what His unerring word taught.  And praise God that He mercifully led and guided us into all His truth through His Holy Spirit on this topic, as well as in other important truths!
     We were led to understand the clear biblical truth that no denomination--regardless of its name, the amount of its membership, or how long it has been in existence--can offer any one salvation in truth!  The salvation of each and every Christian is to be found in Jesus Christ and Him alone!
     With this understanding, oh how precious Jesus is, and how insignificant man appears!  No longer were we forced by false teaching to remain connected to a corrupt denomination and an apostate church leadership in order to have our salvation assured.  We could be completely separate from the denomination, from its corrupt leadership and all its apostasy, and still be directly connected to Jesus and have salvation!  But it is one thing to find freedom in Christ yourself, and quite another to see your fellow brothers and sisters still trapped in bondage by this false teaching!
     That is why this web site has been established--to try and reach our fellow Christian brothers and sisters and help set them free through the truth as it is in Jesus.  The article on The True Church of God Identified is the result of prayerful study of the Bible on this important topic.  We have also provided other Present Truth publications on other important biblical topics which are not being heard from the pulpits of the various denominations.  Please feel free to read and download any information which you find spiritually enlightening.  And please help to spread the truth about God's true church to your fellow Christians, family and friends.  We have also made many of these materials available in print.  If you would like to order any of these publications, please click here.
     Thank you for visiting our site, and may God richly bless you with His wisdom and truth (James 1:5; John 14:26, 16:13) as you “study to show thyself approved unto God” in the short amount of time left us to “prepare to meet thy God” when He comes again (2 Timothy 2:15; Amos 4:12).